What makes us Trust a Trusted Adviser?

Where there is a solution there is always selling involved. Funnily, even if there is no obvious problem to solve sales is pushed.

In my opinion, a Trusted Adviser is someone who provides an Approach to identifying the opportunities or problems that the customer does not see yet. Thereby, may provide approaches to Capitalize on this opportunity or fix the problem. The approach may involve the necessary solution Options and selection criteria but without actively selling any particular solution. The moment selling comes into play the credibility as a Trusted Adviser is lost.

I'd insist on the Approach and urge to resist the temptation to sell a Solution. The boundary between Sales and Advise is narrowing in today's hyper-competitive business landscape

At the same time advisory may broker an internal team or an ecosystem to come up with a customized solution for the customer based on the discovery; focus as far as the customer is concerned remains on the Value Realization.

Cloud offerings are a good example. Cloud service providers offer core infrastructure or platform services that they actively market and sell. However, their Market Place offers options for customers to pick from; there is no active selling of the MarketPlace services by the service provider.


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