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Anything on a page

A well-thought-out idea, a powerful marketing message, an informative info-graphic, a restaurant menu card, a movie poster, a cheat sheet, London tube map.  What is common in all of the above? The title of this post is a hint.  They are all something on a page. Anything that fits a page is a  well articulated viewpoint of a customer.  Anything on a page is an amazing vehicle to reach the information to the right audience at the right place and time. Three principles to bear in mind:  1. Focus on the outcome of the process (why) 2. Take the viewpoint of the audience (who, when, where) 3. Apply sophistication to the tools yet keep the output simple (how)

The Digital Ecosystem Blueprint

A blueprint for Digital Ecosystem Graphic A Digital Ecosystem is a conglomeration of  Internet of Things (IoT) , Machine-to-Machine (M2M), Big Data Analytics, Hybrid compute platform that enable new business models banking on the currency of data that is mostly real-time in nature hence more valuable to the users.  This is an opportunity for businesses to create value out of through investment in digital technologies.  The  Digital Ecosystem  value-chain should cover sourcing, analyzing and consuming digitized engineering data and information.  Digitize: source engineering data into IT systems Analyze and Automate: process data and control devices Consume: share and use information that is of value to business Each element in the value chain is currently at a different stage of maturity.  Digitize . For years, the field of engineering has advanced and adopted automation yet largely in silos partly due to proprietary technologies. Now is a ripe time to tap into