Rarity of Right Outcomes

Right Data processed using the Right Method and delivered to the Right Person in the Right Context promotes Right Outcomes. There are many ways to get this wrong.

Here are some examples: 

  • Right Data to the Wrong Method:
    • Wikileaks led to exposed governments
  • Wrong Data to the Right Method:
    • Algorithmic bias resulting from choice data led to unpredictable biased results
Moral: More data is as good as No data.

  • Right Info to the Wrong Person:
    • Facebook – Cambridge Analytica imbroglio led to breach of trust
  • Wrong Info to the Right Person:
    • Internet Fake News leads to social unrest
Moral: A broken clock may be better than a faulty one but neither is a good one.

  • Right Action in the Wrong Context
    • Misplaced Social Media Ads led to damaged reputation of advertisers
  • Wrong Action in the Right Context
    • Privacy Breaches of Internet Platforms led to breach of trust in their user network
Moral: Have a place for everything and have everything in it’s place.

The rarity of Right Outcomes is a direct result of a lack of visibility to the Data Owners.
  • In the B2C context data is owned by the Consumers and by blindly ticking the checkbox the consumer is writing off their right to say 'NO'.
  • In B2B context the Data Ownership is standardized and treated pretty much like any other tangible asset. However, there are still lapses due to the multiple-layers the data traverses and forms it takes.
By taking control of the Data Ownership principles firms gain Trust of customers and Reputation of their businesses. Trust is an implicit critical outcome in today's Digital Environment.


  1. Interesting perspective in having framework to bring clarity.. quite to close to eight fold path in achieving perfection!


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